Our philosophy

Welcome you to our Home. Kitchen Love is not just a restaurant: we designed it as a suspended place in time, an evocative spot that is capable to trigger your inner emotions and to bring up you most forgotten memories.

Wheather you’re spending the night with your closest friends, or having a business lunch, or celebrating a very special event with your loved one, we want to offer you an unforgettable experience… a journey to go together, through the path of our tastes, to the way of Love.

Our cuisine is inspired by something that cannot be learnt from books: it’s our instinct. Our recipes are the result of a passionate reserch about Lazio’s regional traditions, which are combined with creative elements to create something totally new, astonishing and yet familiar.

All the raw material used in our cuisine are carefully selected and locally sourced from producers of excellence, as we believe in the farm-to-table philosophy.

We also think that our Guests deserve transparency, so you won’t find any frozen or precooked food here, just genuine dishes brought from our kitchen to your table following the law of simplicity and devotion.

We apologise if, sometimes, our express cookery could require a little bit of extra waiting time…it’s just the time we need to be sure to put our Love for food directly in the meal that you’re going to enjoy.